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Sponsor CaturMalaysia.Com

The existence of CaturMalaysia.Com is to promote chess in Malaysia. Since the beginning, listing was done without any fee charged to organizer/organisation. We would like to maintain this free for all. However we would like to give opportunity to any organizer/organisation to have priority listing which their listed tournaments/directory listing to be highlighted and put on top of the table. These organizer/organisation is welcome to sponsor.

How does it works?
1. Your contribution will be converted to points. Example RM10.00 will be converted to 1000 points.
2. The sponsor listed name in the directory will be put on top of the table with *Sponsored* text appended before the name.
3. The sponsor listed tournament will be put on top of the table with *Sponsored* text appended before the tournament name.
4. The points will be deducted 50 points on daily basis. That's equivalent to 50 sen per day. So RM10 get you 20 days.
5. In case more than 1 sponsor appear in the search result, the sponsor with higher points balance will be on top.